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Common Questions

How do I select the right exterior color?

Generally, you select three colors: field or main, trim and accent. Obviously, they should work cohesively together but must also pair well with details like the fixed colors – existing stonework, bricks, stained wood, etc. Plus, do not neglect to also take surroundings like your landscaping into consideration. 

Are light colors better than dark colors or is it the opposite?

Both light and dark colors have their pros and cons. For instance, lighter hues tend to make a smaller space seem larger and help keep the space cooler in warmer climates. Dark colors can have the opposite effect but can help your space retain the heat of the sun in cooler climates. Light colors also tend to weather better and last longer.

How do your prices compare to other contractors?

We all want to get excellent value for our money, the cheapest price and the best price are very seldom one in the same.
A “cheap” job can become very expensive when you need to call in another painter, such work has little and in some cases no preparation, so it would require a complete repaint after a short time, this would in fact cost you substantially more that getting the job done properly in the beginning.
We focus on detailed preparation in order to make our job last we only use top quality premium paints from established paint companies.
Our prices are very competitive when you are comparing the same preparations and procedures as others.
When you combine this with our guarantee and compare us to other contractors we know you will find us to be excellent value.

Exteriors - What should we do before painters arrive?

If possible, please walk around your home before the painters arrive. It will be helpful to us if you can remove any items that are against or near the house. This would include woodpiles, potted plants, lawn furniture, tools etc. All plants, trees and flowers will be covered to protect them from paint. Some branches may need to be trimmed to provide access to surfaces.

How do you pick the right painter?

For one thing, make it a point to only work with a company that has proper license and insurance in place. Look for someone who is local and established so you can get information about whether or not they are reputable. Make it a point to get references you can contact to get a better idea about their performance, and look at reviews for a pattern of either positive or negative results.

How long will the job take?

As you probably realize, this all depends on a number of factors, including the size of the space, whether it’s interior or exterior, the current weather and more. We will provide you with a detailed estimate and if anything changes as we are working that could prolong that time frame, you will be the first to know.

Interiors - What should we do before painters arrive?

Please prepare rooms for us by doing the following:

-Remove all pictures and paintings (leave nail holes if you plan to re-hang pictures in the same spot).
-Remove unwanted nails so the holes can be filled.
-Remove all small and fragile objects – tables, shelves and floors should be left empty.
-Remove all window treatments.

By providing clear access for our crew it will allow The Painting Professionals to do a more complete job.
It would be helpful also make arrangements to have any pets looked after during the job.
If you need help with heavy or high items please ask.

Our Story

High Quality Residential & Commercial Painting Since 2007

JamesCo Painting provides the highest level of workmanship for your home, estate, or business. We strive for beauty and distinction in every project we take on.

We believe our reputation is closely connected to the referrals you’ll give to your neighbors, family, and friends. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

The professionalism of our painting contractors is not only exhibited by beautiful quality painting, but also by careful estimates, extensive preparatory work, and timely performance of services. Our small-company attitude also guarantees friendliness, neatness, and respect from our employees at all times.

Owner Torey James has over 20 years of experience in the painting industry as a second-generation master painter with a long history of professional experience.

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